Pacific Cycles designs and makes a variety of unique bicycle products such as a special trike designed for those who have cerebral palsy; and another tricycle that can move backward and is perfect to use in escalators. In addition, Pacific Cycles also produces bicycle sidecars, stair cycles, rowing bikes, and 4-wheeled cycles for 2 people. Moreover, upon United Nations' request, Pacific Cycles even designed a hand-powered cycle (with the thick steel plate at the bottom) for people with lower-limb disabilities in Ethiopia where minefield injuries are common.

Pacific Cycles provides R&D platform to help the bicycle design elites all over the world develop the products and start their bicycle career. Many folding bikes, tricycles, mountain bikes in the market are made by Pacific Cycles. Pacific Cycles Museum collects about 200 "living" bikes, and is the epitome of the modern bicycle technology in the world rather than the collection of antique bicycles.

More than 8,000 visitors around the world come visit Pacific Cycles every year. In order to preserve the precious historical items, and share them with the public, Pacific Cycles decides to renovate the old office building to a bicycle museum and enhance the displayed items with the development story of each bicycle model.